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Chivalry Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight - 904 Words

Chivalry in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight There are many great movies, like â€Å"300† or â€Å"Saving Private Ryan,† that are told with the classic chivalry elements that were known to describe the noble knights from hundreds of years ago. Much like the courageous soldiers in these movies, Sir Gawain in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, faced many conflicts that might have questioned his moral code of nobleness. Sir Gawain was a great knight that was loyal to King Arthur and had the courage to take on the challenge the Green Knight proposed at the beginning of the poem. The Green Knight asks for a brave knight to strike him and in a years’ time for the challenger to receive the strike back from him. â€Å"The society in which Gawain lived was a valorous society,† (Engelhardt 219). Sir Gawain, throughout the poem, shows various traits that are traced back to chivalry. His character is not the only thing that shows chivalry elements. The symbols like the pentangle and the Green Knight himself repr esent values of chivalry. The plot unravels several conflicts that make Sir Gawain really contemplate the right thing to do and a major theme deals with the nature of chivalry. The poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, is about chivalry because of its symbolism, plot, and the theme. The symbols that represent chivalry for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight are the pentangle and the Green Knight. The pentangle is a star shaped symbol, whose five lines overlap and is sometimes referred to as theShow MoreRelatedChivalry And Chivalry In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight1287 Words   |  6 Pagesof the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table have resounded for ages—vivid stories of courageous and gallant knights usurping evil while simultaneously maintaining an upstanding reputation. Through the Arthurian tales, one has the opportunity to experience heroic narratives of exemplary models of knights who clearly illustrate the chivalry and honorability one should aspire to possess. No more evidently is this theme displayed than in the 14th century epic poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight—a narrativeRead MoreThe Code Of Chivalry By Sir Gawain And The Green Knight1653 Words   |  7 PagesCode of Chivalry was a moral system which went beyond rules of comba t and introduced the concept of Chivalrous conduct - qualities idealized by the Medieval knights such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and great gallantry toward women. The Codes of chivalry also incorporated the notion of courtly love. The Code of Chivalry was the honor code of the knight and was an important part of the society and lives of people who lived during the Medieval times. The world of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is governedRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight Chivalry Analysis749 Words   |  3 PagesChivalry can be defined as many things. It could be as simple as a gentleman showing courtesy to a lovely woman by escorting her up the grand steps, or it could possibly be a knight in shining armor trying to save his people from the evil, man-eating dragon. Christianity, on the other hand, is portrayed as believing or the teaching of Jesus the Messiah. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the ideals of both Chivalry and Christianity are brought together throughout the entire story. Chivalry is portrayedRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight Chivalry Essay796 Words   |  4 PagesKnights and shining armor, is a modern day description of knights. These knights road on horseback, jousted, but more importantly, served by a code. This was a code dealing with chivalry, in which knights obeyed by. The article Nighthood and Chivalry, defines it by, â€Å"In modern English, chivalry means the ideals, virtues, or characteristics of knights,† (Velde). There is one specific knight who shows this code in the story, Sir Gawain and The Green Knight. The knight is Gawain, a noble and courageousRead MoreExamples Of Chivalry In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight1116 Words   |  5 PagesIn Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, King Arthur’s court is the epitome of chivalry within its own secluded walls. The code of chivalry to which the knights adhere to included many virtues like mercy, courage, valour, fairness, protection for the weak, a loyalty to their lord, will ingness to give up their life for another and the widely known courtly love. In the outside world when faced with opposing ideals and trials this code of chivalry is quickly forgotten or rather ignored. Looking at Sir GawainRead MoreSir Gawain and the Green Knight – A Test of Chivalry Essay2448 Words   |  10 PagesSir Gawain and the Green Knight – A Test of Chivalry Essay with Outline   Loyalty, courage, honor, purity, and courtesy are all attributes of a knight that displays chivalry. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is truly a story of the test of these attributes. In order to have a true test of these attributes, there must first be a knight worthy of being tested, meaning that the knight must possess chivalric attributes to begin with. Sir Gawain is self admittedly not the best knight around. HeRead MoreChivalry In Song Of Roland, Percival And Sir Gawain And The Green Knight1090 Words   |  5 PagesChivalry (An analysis of the treatment of chivalry in â€Å"Song of Roland†, â€Å"Percival†, â€Å"Arthur†, and â€Å"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight†) Chivalry is defined as â€Å"the medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code† (Oxford). During medieval times, those who received an immense amount of recognition were the ones who abided by the code of chivalry. These were the people who earned respect from other by giving it themselves. For example, when jousting, or fighting another knightRead More Chivalry in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Knight’s Tale, and Malory’s Morte2061 Words   |  9 Pages The term â€Å"chivalry† refers to one of the most popular medieval social ideals. Indeed, this term has excited the imagination of poets and readers throughout history, and modern cultures continue to revise the chivalric ideals of past ages. However, pinpointing what the term meant within the medieval period is difficult at best. The source of this difficulty lies within the fact that there was never one consistent definition for chivalry. Indeed, the meaning of the word seems to shift betweenRead MoreThe Influence of the Supernatural on Courtly Conduct, Christianity, and Chivalry in Lanval and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight2424 Words   |  10 PagesInfluence of the Supernatural on Courtly Conduct, Christianity, and Chivalry in Lanval and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight In the world of medieval literature the supernatural is a consistent theme, presented in extraordinary encounters, mysterious experiences and with magical objects such as potions, spells, and the prominent image of the green girdle of Lord Bertilak de Hautdesert’s wife in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Magic and the supernatural is seen as the driving force behind severalRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight1218 Words   |  5 PagesCourtesy and Chivalry The alliterative poem â€Å"Sir Gawain and The Green Knight† is a story of bravery, yet fearfulness of a young knight and his willingness to stand up out of respect for his king. This Middle Age poem, originated in the late fourteenth century by an unknown author called Gawain’s poet, follows the journey of King Arthur’s nephew, Sir Gawain. Sir Gawain is a knight for the royal court during the time and when the Green Knight questions the loyalty of King Arthur’s court, Gawain is the

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The Theme of Marriage in Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice...

The Theme of Marriage in Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice Marriage has been one of the main themes portrayed in Jane Austens novel of Pride and Prejudice. The author skilfully discusses, through most of her characters about the general views on marriage, the usual outcomes of marriage and most of the general problems the low class people are facing in marriage. There are four marriages in the novel and each of them differs in the way they are set out. The author speaks about marriage right in the first sentence of the first chapter emphasizing the importance she has given to the theme of marriage in her novel. She says that it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single main in†¦show more content†¦Bingley). When Lydia eloped with Mr. Wickham she cared about what dress Lydia will wear for her marriage ceremony rather than caring about the ill effect of their act or even thinking about penalising them for their foolish move. In Elizabeths case Mrs. Bennet changes her attitude towards Mr. Darcy at once when she heard that L izzy has been engaged to Mr. Darcy. These show that she wants her daughter just to be married, no matter how they marry or whom they marry. Another example of her not caring for whom her daughters marry is that when Mr. Collins, an insensible man asked her permission to marry Elizabeth she gave it without any hesitation. She didnt even think about asking Elizabeths consent before proceeding. Mrs. Bennets idea on marriage is simple; whoever with good fortune comes he can marry one of her daughters. Mr. Bennet was so odd a mixture of quick parts, sarcastic humour, reserve, and caprice. As he is intelligent he is directly opposite to Mrs. Benner. Although he also wants his daughter to be married, he is selective about their husbands. Though he is clever he wasnt clever enough when he chose a wife. As we see through his background Mr. Bennet was captivated by youth and beauty and married a woman without aptitude. When Mr.Show MoreRelated The Theme of Marriage in Jane Austens Pride And Prejudice Essay841 Words   |  4 PagesThe Theme of Marriage in Jane Austens Pride And Prejudice One of the main themes in Pride And Prejudice is marriage. Throughout the novel, the author describes the various types of marriages and reasons behind them. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. The novel demonstrates how many women need to marry men they are not in love with simply in order to gain financial security. The firstRead MoreComparative Study: Letters to Alice and Pride and Prejudice1502 Words   |  7 Pagesportrayed in Pride and Prejudice are creatively reshaped in Letters to Alice. The two texts, Letters to Alice and Pride and Prejudice, mirror and contrast the central values shared and explored by evaluating them; presenting them against Jane Austens context and that of Fay Weldon. Mirroring Austens novel, Weldon presents the central values for women such as the social values of moral behaviour, independence, and, literary values of reading and writing, from Pride and Prejudice and adapts themRead More Women and Marriage in Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice Essay examples663 Words   |  3 PagesWomen and Marriage in Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice And they lived happily ever after... Or did they? Pride and Prejudice, a captivating novel written by Jane Austen, is the story of Elizabeth and her adventure challenging society and ending up deep in true love. Pride and Prejudice takes place in a town outside of London called Hertfordshire, where the reader follows Elizabeth, her friends, and her family as they search for love in the nineteenth century. The author writes of ElizabethsRead MoreJane Austen’s Novel Pride and Prejudice Essay874 Words   |  4 Pagesencompasses the main theme of an advantageous marriage for the English novelist, Jane Austen. Her realism, biting irony and social commentary have gained her historical importance among scholars and critics (Southam). Austen’s major novels, including Pride and Prejudice, were composed between the years 1795-1815. During those twenty years England was at the height of its power facing many historical landmarks (Thomson). It is no coincidence that Jane Austenâ⠂¬â„¢s novel, Pride and Prejudice, coincides directlyRead MoreJane Austen s Pride And Prejudice1211 Words   |  5 PagesJane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was greatly influenced by the time period in which it was written, This novel follows the story of Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters as they are faced with marriage proposals. The marriage and roles of women in this time period are shown throughout this story. During the time Austen was writing this novel, a woman’s role for her family changed. Daughters started to become a way for their family to achieve more money. Because their family depended on this financialRead MoreJane Austen and Her Feminism1158 Words   |  5 PagesJane Austen and Her Feminism ---analyzing of feminism revealed in Pride and Prejudice Introduction It is universally acknowledged that Jane Austen was a major woman novelist in English; but it is also a truth that almost as universally ignored that Jane Austen was a feminist. By intensively reading her six novels (Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Emma and Persuasion) and studying feminism, I have found some significant and fresh thingsRead MoreClass In Pride And Prejudice Analysis844 Words   |  4 Pagesembodies† (17). Yet, while Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice sets out to challenge societal misgivings, it also suggests hints at a reinforcement of a patriarchal and capitalistic hierarchy. Therefore, one must ask if Austen’s work is readily attempting to challenge society and transform it to match the more feminine and self-aware conceptions presented in the text through its protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet, and her experience. Ultimately, does Austen in Pride and Prejudice reinforce or challenge ‘classâ₠¬â„¢Read MoreJane Austen s Pride And Prejudice861 Words   |  4 PagesIn the article â€Å"Pride and Prejudice - Inversion and Criticism of the Romantic Novel† written by Koh Tsin Yen, Yen thoroughly explains a deeper meaning of Pride and Prejudice from both hers and Austen’s perspective of the novel. In Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, which takes place in the 19th century, Austen portrays marriage and social class as two themes with an extreme importance. While tying together two similar points of views, Yen also incorporates Austen s themes from her novel asRead MoreThe Austen Marriage1601 Words   |  7 PagesThe females in Pride and Prejudice have their moral values reflected in their marriage. They each have a predetermined standard – whether it is love or monetary gain, or superficial or complex – of what constitutes a marital relationship. According to Zimmerman, â€Å"the character from whose point of view much of the action is seen is Elizabeth† (67). She is either the one being married or is the one giving opinion on another’s marriage. Jane Austen utilizes Elizabeth as the crux of the plot’s movementRead MoreNorthanger Abbey as a Precursor to Pride and Prejudice Essay1614 Words   |  7 PagesJane Austen’s Northanger Abbey is frequently described as a novel about reading—reading novels and reading people—while Pride and Prejudice is said to be a story about love, about two people overcoming their own pride and prejudices to realize their feelings for each other. If Pride and Prejudice is indeed about how two stubborn youth have misjudged each other, then why is it that this novel is so infrequently viewed to be connected to Austen’s original novel about misjudgment and reading one’s fellows

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The Kite Runner - Importance of Forgiveness Essay

The Importance of Forgiveness Forgiveness is essential to daily life. An important person does the unthinkable, and finally that person earns forgiveness. It is important to forgive oneself, so one can forgive others, too. In The Kite Runner, novelist Khaled Hosseini tells about the past of the Afghan refugee, Amir, and about the importance of forgiveness regarding to what happens in Afghanistan a long time before Amir arrives in America. Amir grows up in Kabul with his prosperous father, Baba, who has two servants, Ali, and his son, Hassan. Amir and Hassan are best friends until Hassan is raped, and Amir doesn’t help him. Amir can’t get over his guilt, so he takes it out on Hassan and treats him very badly. Thus, Hassan and Ali leave†¦show more content†¦He writes that he was in a similar situation like Amir; he didn’t have another choice than watching someone being hurt. He writes, â€Å"†¦ but what could I do except stand and watch my wife get beaten up? If I fought, that d og would have surely put a bullet in me†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (216). Hassan tells Amir this story to make him feel better. Sometimes it is better to not get involved; it can make the situation worse. Furthermore, Amir forgives Baba for not telling him that Amir and Hassan are half-brothers. Hassan gets treated very well by Baba, considering he is a server at Baba’s house. Hassan gets great birthday presents, and he is always welcome to father-son activities with Amir and Baba. Sometimes Amir is jealous and doesn’t understand why Hassan gets treated the same as himself. Amir wants to be treated better, because he is Baba’s son, and Hassan is Baba’s servant. What Amir doesn’t know is that Hassan is his half-brother. Years later, Rahim Kahn tells him this when Amir visits him in Pakistan. Amir learns that a long time ago, Baba had an affair with a Hazara woman, which was socially unacceptable. Out of this affair, a child was born: Hassan. Hassan is not Aliâ⠂¬â„¢s son; Hassan is Baba’s son. Baba never tells Amir, and this makes Amir very angry and disappointed. For Amir, his father is a hero and not a liar. However, when Rahim Kahn explains Baba’s situation and why he acted this way, Amir starts toShow MoreRelatedAn Outline of The Kite Runner1602 Words   |  6 PagesKite Runner Outline Thesis: Betrayal leads to feeling of guilt which forces the person in search of redemption either directly or through indirect actions and gestures. What truly constitutes forgiveness? Forgiveness has a different context depending on where the person is from or what he believes. Religion places a great emphasis on the view of forgiveness. Love is the major reason why people want to forgive and thus move on to normalize their relationships. In the Kite Runner, RahimRead MoreSimilarities Between Oedipus Rex And The Kite Runner941 Words   |  4 Pagesand Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner. These similarities show how writing and entertainment have not completely changed despite how long it has been. One of the most important similarities is the theme. This essay will explore these two works by looking into the similar themes, how the themes are treated, and the importance of similar themes. Themes are one of the most important parts of any form of literature. In these two works, the general theme of sin and forgiveness is shown. In Oedipus RexRead MoreThe Kite Runner: Forgiveness, Loyalty, and the Quest for Redemption2381 Words   |  10 PagesThe Kite Runner: Forgiveness, Loyalty, and the Quest for Redemption Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner is an award-winning novel and considered one of today’s most popular, contemporary classics. The story is one of familiar themes such as loyalty, forgiveness, betrayal, love, and redemption. It follows the tale of Amir and how he must atone for his sins and find a way to â€Å"be good again† (Hosseini 2). The quintessential message of this book relies on the idea of second chances. Themes of redemptionRead More Khaled Hosseinis The Kite Runner Essay1008 Words   |  5 PagesKhaled Hosseinis The Kite Runner In the Kite Runner, the author explores the ties that bind sons to fathers and childhood friends to one another a nd of the forces that tear them apartRead MoreComparing A Thousand Splendid Sons and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini1945 Words   |  8 Pageseven in a single day, can change the course of a whole lifetime†¦Ã¢â‚¬  –Khaled Hosseini. The comparison between the novel, A Thousand Splendid Sons, and movie, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is inevitable. In both cases, each character goes through changes, leaving what was once a part of their daily routines just a memory. The Kite Runner is a movie about friendship, betrayal, and the price of loyalty. It is about the bonds between fathers and sons, and the power of their lies. A Thousand SplendidRead MoreKite Runner1130 Words   |  5 Pagesprotect that which is dearest to him. It takes a special kind of person to do this. When faced with adversity, there are a select few who can push it aside for the greater good. These are the people worth writing about. In Khaled Hosseinis, The Kite Runner, the main character, Am ir, learns the true meaning of loyalty and friendship by risking his own life to save another, thus proving that one does not know the value of friendship until it is gone. After years of misguidance, Amir realizes thatRead MoreHow Can A Man Or Woman Find Inner Peace? Essay2498 Words   |  10 Pagesbe changed forever due to one act of betrayal that spreads throughout both of their lives and helps shape the boys into manhood through the process of redemption or through an act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake In the novel â€Å"The Kite Runner†, which was written by Khaled Hosseini, Amir is clearly seen to have betrayed his friend Hassan and himself on multiple occasions, yet pays for his sins in the form of guilt and finds redemption in his adult life. Like everyone in this world, AmirRead MoreKite Runner Discussion Questions4262 Words   |  18 PagesKITE RUNNER Discussion Questions 1. The novel begins with Amirs memory of peering down an alley, looking for Hassan who is kite running for him. As Amir peers into the alley, he witnesses a tragedy. The novel ends with Amir kite running for Hassans son, Sohrab, as he begins a new life with Amir in America. Why do you think the author chooses to frame the novel with these scenes? Refer to the following passage: Afghans like to say: Life goes on, unmindful of beginning, end...crisis or catharsisRead MoreKite Runner Discussion Questions4272 Words   |  18 PagesKITE RUNNER Discussion Questions 1. The novel begins with Amirs memory of peering down an alley, looking for Hassan who is kite running for him. As Amir peers into the alley, he witnesses a tragedy. The novel ends with Amir kite running for Hassans son, Sohrab, as he begins a new life with Amir in America. Why do you think the author chooses to frame the novel with these scenes? Refer to the following passage: Afghans like to say: Life goes on, unmindful of beginning, end...crisis or catharsisRead MoreReligion And Faith Are Essential For Survival1828 Words   |  8 Pagesare connected to a religion various lifestyles have different explanations of cause, focus and direction. The importance role of religion and faith in one s life, as depicted in the fictional novel of Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner is portrayed through characters and events. Firstly the strength of a relationship is dependent upon the religious practices and understanding the importance of religion in a pair. Secondly, the superego represents tha t standards of one s moral principles and their

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Democracy vs. Dictatorship free essay sample

Democracy vs. Dictatorship. From the beginnings of the times, from ancient civilizations dated as back as 2000 B. C. E. , the world had been based upon political systems and philosophies of governments. A country’s philosophy of government determines the economic system and the amount of rights that people have within that country’s borders.As people can see, in the article written by Severine Deneulin â€Å"Democracy and human development†, she explains the complexities of the relationship between democracy and human development, there she made it clear that the practice of democracy is good whether or not the government chose has a positive impact in the society of that country. Another article about countries’ governmental philosophies was written by Gene Sharp, and it is called â€Å"From dictatorship to democracy†.Throughout the entire article, Sharp said that it was wrong to compare democracy to communism because communism is an economic system and democracy is a political system, and that’s why he compared democracy and dictatorship. We will write a custom essay sample on Democracy vs. Dictatorship or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Within the lines of that article, Sharp mentioned that dictators are the result of having a disunited society in those countries, and that people should protest against the dictators to get their rights back as well.Therefore, everyone’s way of living Is affected by their country’s philosophy of government in a direct way. To begin with, a country’s philosophy of government determines the country’s economic system. Economy is a matter of leadership, it is a matter of knowing when to take decisions, and these decisions are supposed to be taken by the country’s president or senate. Therefore, politics impact economy in a direct way.In democracy, people rule the country, and therefore they rule the economic system, which makes that economic system stronger because as Deneulin said â€Å"The ultimate aim of participation is increased accountability, transparency and efficiency of these governance structures in promoting development and reducing poverty†, which means that participation leads to a reduce in poverty rates and a strengthening in that economic system. But on the other hand we have dictatorships, where the president takes economic decisions by himself. The result of taking the decisions of a country by just one person is predictable: the population becomes weak, lacks self-confidence, and is incapable of resistance†(Sharp), which means that dictatorships lead to a w eak economic system among their society because dictators hold too much power and most of them don’t know how to use it in a positive way. Additionally, while in democratic countries people not only rule their government but they are set free and have a lot of rights as well, in dictatorships governments set almost no right for the people and they dominate every single person who is living within that country’s borders. Democracy involves the right to vote and the holding of free and fair elections, respect for legal entitlements, respect for the right of public discussions, and the right to organize political movements of protest† (Deneulin). These mentioned rights can lead people within a society to feel better about themselves because they know that the government is not dominating people but the other way around, which gives them a sense of being important and accountable.In the other side of the street, in dictatorships â€Å"people are often too frightened to share they hatred of the dictatorship and their hunger for freedom even with families and friends† (Sharp). Therefore, in dictatorships the country becomes weaker because people feel pressured by the government, which make those people not to perform well on their jobs, which leads to no improvements on the country. To terminate, every single human can easily see that a country’s philosophy of government affects it. People must analyze political philosophies and ideologies before picking a presidential candidate to favor.Politics determine economic systems and rights people have in that country. Therefore, politics are everywhere. Economy and rights are not only related to each other but they are related and important to people too. For example, economy and rights are related in how in democracies people have the right to buy whatever they want, whenever they wanted and the quantity they want; which is called capitalism. And in the other hand, in dictatorships the lacks of rights can be seen in economy, specifically in how people can only buy what the government says, whenever the government says, and the amount the government says; which is called communism.Furthermore, in long term, it is preferable to have democracy than dictatorship because there is no developmental justification or evidence that shows dictatorships being successful, but there successful democracies as the United States. To summarize, both democracy and dictatorship are different philosophies of government that have a big impact on every single human cell alive in a specific country, in other word people can’t escape it.

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Immigration Develops Foreign Stereotypes free essay sample

After many centuries of solitude, the Americans opened their land to the Europeans, who marched straight on in. Then like ants coming into a picnic basket, the other countries followed. The Aussies realized they were missing out on the fun and came hopping in like kangaroos. As usual, the straggling Asians finally decided to show up, a couple years late, and BOOM! The population sure did rise. And so, America became a melting pot. Americans who were born in the United States suddenly find themselves struggling to retain their spot among the crowd of people. Many white people now wake up every morning thinking the chance of a job offer is one in a million. And with a sigh, they just push through the bunches of foreigners swamping up on America’s front yard so that even the front door is hard to open. â€Å"I go outside to pick up my newspaper in the morning and find that I got a copy of the Times of India instead of my usual New York Times. We will write a custom essay sample on Immigration Develops Foreign Stereotypes or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I mean, how am I supposed to read all those squiggly lines that make up words?† said 35-year-old Philadelphia resident Alex Smith. â€Å"I just have to toss it into my Indian neighbor’s yard, only to have my other neighbor surprise me with a â€Å"G’day mate† as he walks his koala-like DINGO dog across the street.† Emily Jones, 29, of Sacramento commented, â€Å"I rushed out today with my Swiss cup of Nestle coffee so that I would not be late for a meeting with my British boss. God, I wish I didn’t have to see that terrible set of teeth everyday. I’m driving like a normal person and all of a sudden, this Asian woman just cuts me off and I end up in a full on car crash, getting a ticket, and losing my job for being late. Apparently, even my Indian coworker had gotten there on time.† After the 2010 Census, President Obama had to consider changing the name of the country from America to Euro-Aus-Asia to better encompass the people who now occupied the majority. Congress would not allow this, probably since the majority there is still white, for the time being. A national poll stated that after a woman becomes President, a Chinese candidate will come and take the throne and turn the democracy into a socialist state. A mother asked her former high school quarterback son about his first day of college. He replied, â€Å"There are so many kinds of people that I don’t think I have seen another American yet. This group of Asians invited me to play some football with them and so I wore my helmet and put pads on my shoulders. Apparently we were playing soccer so I just left confused why they would call soccer ‘football.’† Scientists have researched the psychological mindset of Americans today and compared it to earlier times. The reports have shown that stress has increased by 55 percent and that motivation to act has decreased by 57 percent. It is said that by 2050, all the Americans born on U.S. soil will have moved to a new continent and the names will have to be changed. â€Å"Of course the typical ‘American Dream’ exists,† stated Sen. Harry DeKline. â€Å"It simply only applies to foreign immigrants now.†

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Voss Essays

Voss Essays Voss Essay Voss Essay VOSS Bottled Water Voss Inc. is a company established in 1999 which bottles and distributes Artesan water. The source of this water is a pristine aquifer in South Norway. It is packaged in a uniquely designed and patented cylindrical shaped glass bottle and sold at a premium price. Some of the Hollywood actors and celebrities have been spotted using this premium bottled water. Its close competitors are Fiji and Perrier who offer pure water at a premium price. Differentiation Based Strategy The founders of Voss, Christian Sandberg and Chris Harlem, recognized enormous potential for ultra premium bottled water from Norway after doing an extensive around the world research. Artesan water is the most purest form of water available and thus used as a unique value proposition to target the ultra premium segment. Differentiation point 1 : Purest Water It is recognised as the purest form of water by FDA and has recorded the lowest TDS of any bottled water ever tested by FDA. So, in a way it is a unctional product that is uniquely different from any other product in the market. Differentiation point 2 : Unique and patented packaging – Luxury Image According to a study, in the ultra premium bottled water segment, when people buy water it is for image and not just water. Voss roped in Calvin Klein’s former creative director Neil Kraft to design the packaging. He came out with a sleek cylindrically designed glass bottle when everybody else was offering plastic bottle s in traditional bottle shapes. The design was later patented by Voss. Voss, through its product offering, provides a unique value (purest water and image of Luxury /Exclusivity) which other competitors were not able to offer in the ultra premium segment. Value Creation and Delivery (Mechanisms) Value 1 Product offering : Purest water drawn from Artesan well in pristine South Norway. No human intervention. The water is drawn from an aquifer by pressurizing the impermeable layer of rock and ice without the use of mechanical pumps. Product Quality and consistency is unquestionable since no mechanical/manual process is required to purify water. Customer is always certain to get purest water when they buy VOSS. Value 2 – Luxury Image/Exclusivity : It is a market driving product. The strategy is to create exclusivity and associate luxury with the product. This is achieved by aligning all the marketing processes in a way that this value of luxury and exclusivity is delivered effectively. Price – Ultra premium pricing helps in targeting the right segment i. e. rich and affluent (exclusivity). Patented Designer Glass bottle – Unique packaging gives it an edge over others and helps in positioning and targeting the ultra premium segment Controlled Supply Sold almost exclusively through high-end hotels, restaurants, clubs and speciality stores (VOSS Red PET bottle). Voss‘s exclusivity is derived from the fact that Voss is served on the tables of the finest restaurant and lounges in the rooms of the most luxurious hotels and beachside at the trendiest resorts around the world. Voss is not available at retail outlets like 7-11 or corner convenience stores. Promotions – No discounts or giveaways to maintain its brand image of luxury. Advertisements Heavily relies on PR activities and viral promotion which further reinforces its positioning of unique brand. It does not engage in run of the mill advertising like other water companies and stays away from the crowd. Associations with Ultra premium brand ambassadors like Madonna, George Clooney, Lindsay Lohan are used as promotional activities. The product offering as well as the aura of exclusivity/luxury gives customer a feeling of pride to consume Voss water and pay a premium price for the same. Key Resources that create value Source of Water : The source of water in Norway is a unique and sustainable resource in itself. Target Segment : Targeting the ultra premium segment is a key to the strategy as the product has most value to this segment. The competition in this segment is not as intense as it is in the bigger mass market. This means less investment in promotions / discounts / advertisements. This is a sustainable strategy as this segment will always value a quality product that gives them image value as well. Distribution Channels : Controlled distribution follows from its strategy of targeting. By availing its product in upscale restaurant / bars / peciality stores gives them advantages as under: 1. Signals that it is not part of the crowd (mass market) 2. Developing strong relationship with the premium restaurants and bars 3. Helps in controlling the price Bottle design: They have a first mover advantage in introducing a patented designer bottle in the market. This is patented and hence cannot be copied. Advertisement/promotions/brand associations: No TV advt. and no discounts. Brand associat ions and viral campiagns are a very important part of the strategy and that is the only promotion method that VOSS uses. Run of the mill advt. will put in the same league as other bottled waters in the market. Strategic Alignment: It is critical to note that the strategic alignment of all elements of strategy is what makes the marketing strategy of VOSS extremely successful. The strategy driven by differentiation (purest water and associating it with image – great design) is ably support by targeting/segmentation of premium segment. This combined with premium pricing and controlled supply helps in positioning. This then followed up with appropriate promotional strategy makes their mkt strategy work. This alignment gives them a distinct advantage which is sustainable and difficult to copy. As rightly pointed out in Business strategy, the competitive advantage emanates from management of the core resources of the firm and VOSS seems to be doing it pretty well. Opportunities and Challenges Growth is one of the biggest challenge for VOSS as the ultra premium segment is not a very fast growing segment. Some options for growth are :- Expand internationally in Emerging markets : The ultra rich segment is growing very rapidly in emerging economies like India and China. It may be a good opportunity for VOSS to enter these markets. Though there are challenges of imitation and localisation. Also, will that mean that it will affect its brand as may be people may start doubting its exclusivity? Enter the lower end of market : This is a tricky one. This is the fastest growing and biggest segment of the market. However, capturing this means going against its core segment and strategy. Though it may choose to develop its separate brand (VOSS Red) and push it in the Retail channel. However, before doing that it has to do a proper study and research on whether this will impact its premium brand (VOSS silver) or not. Flavoured Water : This is another option where it can do product enhancements and enter the flavoured water market. However, this may put it in the same league as other flavoured waters (no differentiation point-cannot claim it as purest flavoured water) Whatever is done, one thing is for sure that it is very difficult for VOSS to deviate from its core strategy of superior product offering which right now sets it apart.

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OB Analysis Paper Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

OB Analysis Paper - Case Study Example Production engineers should come up with standardized way of building different products to reduce the delays and costs of operations (Buller & Randall 2-8). In addition, the company is also faced by test failures which are regarded as serious problems and this may make customers be delayed. Product engineers should try to be as competent as possible to reduce various causes of test errors and other test related activities which consume most of their time. Part of improvements that need to be taken care of are proper documentation. Stopping interruptions especially while the product engineers are in the meeting with Lee may not be the solution to the problem because it would also mean that there would be delays during the meeting. Lee should just ensure that his engineers come up with effective layout on how to build different products. Lee should also come up with solid agenda in his meetings to ensure that important issues are raised at a particular time limit. Considering that tim e is an important thing for the company particularly the product engineers, he should therefore fix a particular duration for the meetings. Some of the agendas of the meeting should not involve problem affecting a single product engineer but general challenge facing all of them (Buller & Randall 2-8). ... Lee should ensure that every issue raised in the meeting or amongst engineers that concerns the entire product engineering department is addressed and proper solution be found. Lee’s department does also not coordinate very well with the application engineers. Indeed there is a serious communication breakdown between application engineers and product engineers that even leads to customer dissatisfaction (Buller & Randall 2-8). Furthermore, Lee should ensure that there is cooperation and good relationship amongst the two departments to minimize the issues arising due to communication breakdown. There is also a shaky relationship between manufacturing department and product department which derails the functions of the company. Relationship between Lee and his boss too does not seem promising. Sam is not giving Lee enough support to smoothen operations in the product engineering department. For instance he is not providing the under-staffed product department with more personnel to make work easier. Moreover Sam cannot give or mediate between Lee and Reese as a way of creating peace and motivating the workers. As much as Lee may try to be a good leader who intends to ensure that his department works well and achieves the best results as possible, he does not have good support to succeed in his duty and objectives (Buller & Randall 2-8). OB Perspective There is an increasing pervasiveness in job dissatisfaction and disengagement due to paradoxical organizational behaviors which has resulted into negative consequences for employers and employees. Management of job and work output is largely contributed by degree of job satisfaction and attitude towards work. Various issues concerning organization performance are never costly